coen van ham koen van de ham koen van der ham kunstenaar
2023-  paradise lost, acrylic, pencil, oil and oil pastel on canvas and paper
2023   emovere, acrylic on canvas and paper
2022   surrender, acrylic, spray paint, oil and oil pastel on canvas, board and paper
2022   the eighth day, (panorama 1600 x 100 cm), acrylics on canvas
2020 – 2021   inner space, acrylics on canvas
2021 – 2022 light and dark side, acrylics on canvas
2020 – 2022   fathom, acrylics on canvas
2020   refugee, acrylics on canvas
2020   physical and mood, oil pastel, acrylics en graphite on paper
2018 – 2021   bodyparts, acrylics and oil pastel op panel
2015-2020    alma, acrylics on canvas
2001 –    touch, graphite on papier

2021   Levenskroon, memorial monument, cemetery ‘de Sil’ , Valkenswaard
2017   Momentmonument, poem and memorial monument, memory forest, Valkenswaard
2016   Poetry of things, book with 366 poems (here available), own initiative
2011   Poort naar de toekomst, object for the entrance, MBO Raad, Woerden
2010   Geloof in onderwijs, patterns, prints and objects, Verus, Woerden
2009   Faithless, object,(available), own initiative
2009   Beroepenvelden, sixteen patterns, MBO Raad, Woerden
2009   Digital Flowers, print, Media Academie, Hilversum
2006   Testbeeld, prints on walls, curtains and series of prints (available), NPO, Hilversum
2001   Red Wire, object in public space, Eindhoven

presentations (s)=solo (d)=duo (g)=group (o)=online
2023   Emovere, Galerie Persoon, Eersel (s)
2023   Exodus, Bijbels Museum (o)
22/23  MAN, KEG, Schijndel (g)
2022   BIGART, Hembrugterrein, Zaandam (g)
2022   Intergenerational graduation show, Design Academy, Milan (g)
2022   The offline edition, tiniminiroom, Dordrecht (g)
2022   After the eighth day (with Hugo Tieleman), Kruisruimte, Eindhoven (d)
2021   Harmonic of sounds, Virtual Manhattan Music Exhibition, Margin Alexander, New York (o)
2021   Inner space series (o)
2020   Fresh, galerie Persoon, Eersel (s)
2020   Benefit for Brabant, PARK, Tilburg (g)
2019   Galerie Persoon, Eersel (g)
2018   Go fund yourself, BKKC, Tilburg (g)
2017   My Favorites, Galerie Artesoffitta, Veghel (s)
2016   International Art Fair, Rotterdam (s)
2016   ‘Poetry of things’, Philipsmuseum, Eindhoven (s)
2015   Met de dood aan tafel, Uitvaartzorg Drimmelen (g)
2010   Charity expo, Art 88, Nuenen (g)
2009   Dutch Design week, Pennings Inside, Eindhoven (g)
2009   Let’s Recreate, ‘faithless’, De centrale, Oosterbeek (g)
2009   Light Up, AnsArt, Arnhem (d)
2008   Dutch Design Week, Pennings Inside, Eindhoven (s)
2005   Bodyparts, Galerie Hans Flaman, Eindhoven (s)
2001    Kunst in de Buurt, Krabbendans, Eindhoven (g)

2022   catalogus, in contact (met oude meesters) – Rebecca Nelemans
2020   qualis magazine, ik laat zien hoe mooi mensen zijn – Marleen van Loon
2020   indebuurt, ik wil graag kietelen en laten stralen – Anja van den Berg
2018   mest magazine, goede voornemens – column
2016   interview, verscholen passie onthuld – Tanja Rozendaal
2015   wallpaper, patronen mbo raad (boek)
2014   brand, testbeeld (China)
2012   office & design, identiteit van Coen – Catuja Buruma
2011   excellent magazine, hier is COEN! – Bart Assies
2009   spreekbuis, digital flowers – Josje Franken
2008   design today India, publieke omroep testbeeld – Shiny Varghese
2005   gay krant, vlees van coen van ham – Rits de Wit

other activities
2023-now   Curator, CKE, Eindhoven
2022- now  Innovation manager and coach (talent development and internationalisation), ROC-Nijmegen.
2022- now  Co-initiator Artconnections, platform that connects art with current social developments through art and design, Brainport region
2019-2021 Creative strategist, U.NXT, bachelor ands master creative business studies, Eindhoven
2017-2020 Co-initiator Magical Garden,  greening,  social design and light art, Eindhoven
2016-2018 Director Concept and Design, Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events, Eindhoven and Amsterdam
2014-2016 Mentor, BNO (Association of Dutch Designers), Amsterdam
2005-2008 Coach and designer FRISO feest, gay party, Eindhoven
2003-2005 Course leader and developer training visual presentation’, V&D, Amsterdam
1998-2007 teacher and mentor, post-secondary vocational education SintLucas, Boxtel
1998- now  Owner and creative director COEN!, Creative consultancy and identity development, interior,  graphic, and product design

2023   Winner coin design ’50 years COC’, Ministerie van Financiën, Den Haag
2022   Selection digital exposition ‘Exodus’, Biblical Museum, Buitenplaats Doornburg
2022   Participation ‘painting of the year’ with panorama ’the eighth day’
2022   Grant for developing new work, Pictoright Steunfonds, Amsterdam
2022   Grant for exposition ‘BIGART’, Stichting Cultuur, Eindhoven
2021   Grant for exposition and publication ‘after the eighth day’, Stichting Cultuur, Eindhoven
2021   Grant for new work, Stichting Cultuur, Eindhoven
2016   Grant for book publication ‘Poetry of things’ via crowdfunding and Kunstloc Brabant
2013   Nomination FPVT award, foundation ‘Passion and Focus for Technics.’
2012   Nomination Dutch selection, Duvel design contest
2011   Honorable Mention, 3M Signcontest for Verus, 3M Nederland
2011   Winner Design in Detail Award for Kameleon
2011   Winner art assignment ‘Living Data’, Gemeente Eindhoven
2009   Appointment as MBO Marshal, Stichting Branchepromotie Beroepsonderwijs.
2008   Winner and assignment promotional gift ‘brabants Kwartiertje,’ Province of North-Brabant
2005   Grant for developing COEN!, ‘Design Incubator’, NV Rede, Eindhoven
2001   Winner ‘art in the neighborhood’ with art work ‘Redwire’

2014 – 2015   Fontys, post HBO social design (artist in society), Tilburg
2009 – 2014   The Society of NLP, practitioner, master, hypnotic and coach, Zeist / Amsterdam
2005 – 2008   Organizational and Family Constellations, Ineke van Keulen, Bommerig
2001 – 2010   Center for the arts (CKE), model drawing and painting, Eindhoven
1992 – 1996   Design Academy, Bachelor, Eindhoven
1988 – 1992   SintLucas, associate degree, Boxtel

Nationale Numismatische Collectie (NNC), Municipality of Eindhoven, Municipality of Valkenswaard, MBO Raad, Media Academy,  NPO (Dutch national public broadcaster), Province of North-Brabant, SintLucas, Verus and various other private and corporate collections

Thank you , to let me fly on your wings. My creative development is supported by collectors, clients, curators, journalists, pictoright, kunstloc brabant, cultuur eindhoven and all other art enthousiasts. Coen is member of De Kunst van Brabant.